Here are a collection of videos shot on location. A melange of interviews, videos from campaigns shot on location and a mixture of “Moving Stills” which are photographs merged to create movement.

Faces of Haemophilia

Faces of Haemophilia Exhibition

Massimo’s Story

Elective Orthopaedic

Enzo’s Story

Elective Orthopaedic

Talking Joints

Pete de Kleijn talking about the benefits of physiotherapy in haemophilia care

Haemophilia, Meet Juan

This story was shot during an assignment for Novo Nordisk in Mexico City

Haemophilia in Bolivia

Video shot during a visit to the Haemophilia community in Bolivia in 2014.

Jesper Lau VP and Scientist

Jesper´s story as a specialist
in peptide and chemistry

Nicolai Wagtmann, Scientist

R&D moving still on Nicolai Wagtmann, scientist on inflammation

Stine Ruge, Scientist

A R&D moving stills story on Stine Runge, scientist in Haemophilia biology

Erica Nishimura, Diabetes Biology

Erica´s R&D story as scientific director in diabetes biology

Kristoffer Eriksen, Engineer

Kristoffer’s R&D story as an advanced engineer for devices

Agent of Change in Shanxi

Moving Still about the conditions they live under initiated by better treatment

Morroco’s Path to Change

Moving Still created to support a fund raising campaign as part of the Novo Nordisk Haemophilia Foundation’s work in Morocco.

Life-changing Impact in Bolivia

This video was created during a reportage visit to a camp for people living with haemophilia in Bolivia.

Haemophilia Foundation Anniversary

Moving Still for Novo Nordisk H.F.’s 10 year anniversary; collaberation of Jesper’s 10 years of work & Danish agency Vertic

Perception of Control (Study)

Project for a global pharmaceutical co. screened at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes. Agency was Inventivhealth.

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